SwimSmart With Rehan Poncha

Swim Smart With Rehan Poncha - Swim Clinic for Competitive Swimmers

"I've always had this wild passion for racing. And I've always really loved the water. But through my swimming days I felt that if I had a mentor - someone who had really been there, done that, in terms of racing at peak levels, training for the highest levels in competition, new experiences, racing abroad and other swimming challenges - I'd have done a lot better. That's why I began the SwimSmart clinics. It's my way of giving back to a sport that's given me so much, by sharing my own learning and experience of competitive swimming with those who are on that same road." - Rehan Poncha

"SwimSmart with Rehan Poncha" are short format clinics offered over one or two days. These clinics are personally led by Arjuna Awardee Rehan Poncha and are meant to help competitive swimmers get more effective and efficient in the water. The clinics do not replace the regular training offered by coaches in competitive programmes, but seek to add a new dimension based on Rehan's personal experience gained over 20 years of racing, something he communicates in a very practical, lucid and motivating manner.

The clinic includes:

Dry-land training is an essential element in improving performance in the pool. It refers to physical conditioning that a swimmer does out of the water. It is a form of cross training that includes cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength exercises with the goal to condition, stretch and strengthen muscles that are specifically used in swimming while building fitness and athleticism.

The SwimSmart clinics include swim specific stretching and exercises. They also addresses gym work for senior swimmers who may want to enhance conditioning for endurance and pace.

Sessions in the pool range from an hour to an hour and forty five minutes depending on the clinic format selected. These sessions include several muscle coordination drills for speed and to improve stroke technique, stroke correction tips individually where possible, and work on finer racing technique that includes refinement of starts, turns and finishes, sprint training and more.

MOTIVATIONAL TALK / Q & A with Swimmers and Parents
Rehan firmly believes that beyond technique and talent, lot of success in the sport comes from the athlete's state of mind. SwimSmart clinics include very inspirational sharings of Rehan's own experience of swimming at the highest levels. There is also time made for interactive Question and Answer sessions on topics related to competitive swimming such as building a mind set for excellence, goal setting, diet, strengthening muscles that are weak or injured mental preparation for races and more.

For more information on SwimSmart Clinics, please write to: swimsmart@rehanponcha.com